Carlos G. Del Rey is a Spanish fly fishing guide, a professional fly tyier, Rainy,s fly designer, and author of articles in specialized magazines. He collaborates with the most prestigious magazines in Spain, Trofeo Pesca, Danica Fly Magazine, Flymage and more all around the world .
In addition, Carlos authored the book Barbels and Fly Fishing (Barbos en la Pesca a Mosca) This book has been published by the editorial Amosca, the most important editorial (worldwide) for books about fly-fishing in Spanish.

Currently besides those sponsored by Sage, Rio, Cheeky reels, Howler Bros, Buff, Rainys, Redington ,Flymen Fly Company, Cliff Outdoors,  the most important of the fishing industry.

Carlos maintains the webpage: www.barbosconmosca.com